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Shirael Music is excited to present... a Magical Musical Journey through the Torah for the young and the young at heart.

Tired of the same songs and tunes ?  This is not like anything you have ever heard before !

It's amazing how kids want this CD played over and over.

What a wonderful way to learn the whole story of Bereishis & Shmot (Genesis & Exodus) - Designed for a wide audience with Hebrew and English, Torah & Contemporary terms..


WHAT A GREAT GIFT FOR Rosh Hashana, Succot, Channukah, Pesach, Shavuot, a birth, a bris, a birthday, for edutainment !

TORAH POPS        

Torah Pops combines fresh, memorable melodies with easy to learn lyrics. 

Jewish children will be entertained and educated with this magical journey through the Torah.


Currently in the product range are

"Torah Pops" Bereishis.  

A musical journey through Genesis.

(Listen to samples on this web site)

"Torah Pops" Shmot -

Released December 2012

A musical journey through Exodus

(Listen to Samples on this web site)

Shmot CD includes songs for Pesach & Shavuot


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"Torah is the Tree of Life"

2001-Shirael Music

- the theme song of

the "Torah Pops" Music range.

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enhance web speed)


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All new original melodies.
All new original and easy learn lyrics.
Entertaining sing along songs,
Hours of fun while learning Torah.
Children's music for adults to enjoy as well !

Contact Information

See our links page to find distributors of our CD's or contact us below to place commercial orders...

Telephone / FAX
+61 3 9509 2908
Shirael Music is based in Melbourne Australia GMT+10hrs
Postal address
P.O. Box 1124, Elsternwick, Victoria Australia, 3185
Electronic mail


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